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Everyone likes to renovate and remodel their bathroom as per the latest designs and functionalities. Toilets are undoubtedly one of the most important fixtures in our bathrooms. Everyone in the family uses the toilet and thus, it’s an essential utility in our bathroom. So, is there a better version of the traditional toilet? Yes, there is. Today, back to wall toilet suites are emerging as the frontrunner in the bathroom renovation industry. 

Why Back-To-Wall Toilets?

Back to wall toilet suites are very popular in Sydney due to their modern looks and utility value. They add more style and luxury to your bathroom. It is one of the most comfortable bathrooms toilet suite option. The back to wall toilet suites comes with the soft seat ensuring your seat is comfortable and does not get damaged by falling repeatedly. Back to wall toilet suites are a great way to upgrade your bathroom and give it a modern look and feel. They are the best fit for a contemporary as well as a traditional bathroom. Back To wall toilet suites are very sleek, compact and make your bathroom look more spacious. They are the ideal choice for one looking out for cost-effective, durable and stylish toilet suites in Sydney. The back to wall toilet suites is very easy to install as well.

Why Us?

There are many shops which are selling back to wall toilet suites in Sydney. But, only a few of them will satisfy your needs, budget, and style. Total Home Design is one such bathroom renovation shop in Sydney. We deal in a variety of toilet suites including back to wall toilet suites.

Every bathroom’s decor and space availability differ significantly from each other. Total Home Design brings the widest range of back to wall toilet suites with ample shapes and sizes. You can choose the most appropriate toilet suite for your bathroom which will enhance its decor as well. Back to wall toilet suites are one of the most polished and practical options that give your bathroom a lavish appearance. The back to wall toilet suite you choose can be very cost effective and streamlined. Add more comfort to your bathroom with our exquisite back to wall toilet suites.

Our Services

Total Home Design has garnered a huge reputation when it comes to supply back to wall toilet suites in Sydney. We have always encouraged our customers to read about our services and commitment before placing any order. You can also read why we are the ideal place for your bathroom renovation below. 

  • Online & Offline Shopping: Unlike other shops in Sydney, our customers can place their order from the comfort of their home. Or else, they can visit our showroom and then decide which back to wall toilet suite would fit their requirements. 
  • On-time Delivery: We understand the adage – time is money and if you can save time, you are indeed saving your money. Total Home Design delivers the back to wall toilets through Express Shipping. With this, you can expect a delivery at your doorstep within a few days.
  • Trusted Warranty: Our bathroom renovation supplies are made up of top quality. Due to this, we can provide an extensive warranty period for back to wall toilets in our store. To know more about our warranty policy, read the terms and conditions on our website. 
  • Great Technical Support: Total Home Design has a dedicated technical team to resolve our customer’s issues. If you have any problem related to the toilet suite from our shop, contact them immediately.

We have established our credentials for being the leading back to wall toilets suppliers in Sydney. Visit our website or our showroom in the city and place your order today.

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