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Buy Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Units Online

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom? Well, there are lots of ways you can do this. You can certainly remove the dedicated cabinets and install a vanity unit under your sink instead. These units not only save a lot of space in your bathroom but also enhance the overall decor in it. Bathroom vanity units are great, there’s no denying it. However, what if you could do more? There’s always more space which you want to free, right? Here comes the idea of wall mounted vanity units. Yes, a unit which adds more style and frees up more space in your bathroom.

Where to Begin? 

With so many benefits that come with wall mounted vanity united, you should buy one. But finding the ideal unit for your bathroom could become difficult due to several reasons. One such reason is going to the wrong bathroom renovation shop to buy wall mounted vanity units. Due to this, you not only waste your hard-earned money but also your time. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Total Home Design is your one stop destination for any type of bathroom renovation product including vanity units.

Why Choose Us?

Before you place your order with us, you should definitely read our services. We have always encouraged new customers to read about us and we would implore you to do the same.

Uniquely Designed 

Sprucing up your bathroom by adding new vanity units is a great way of adding a little beauty and space to the bathroom without making any drastic changes. Our vanities come in different types, including our most popular choice – wall mounted vanity units. Total Home Design has a wide array of freestanding vanities. These have a very generous space for storing your items and hiding the clutter. They are aesthetical and are in huge demand, therefore.

Wide Range of Options

Wall mounted vanity units are small and hence come in very handy. However, they are less durable and vulnerable to even a mild force or thrust. We also proudly supply a vessel sink and vanity. These are a stylish alternative to the traditional wall mounted vanity units. They are a bit more expensive and occupy a lot of space. And you can’t use them in the bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. At Total Home Design, you can also get the other types of wall hung vanity units. These are as popular as the wall mounted vanity units or freestanding vanities.

With so many options on the table, we are the place you should visit. Not only do you get superior quality wall mounted vanity units at the best price in the city. But you also receive a set of extremely useful value-added services at Total Home Design. Let’s explore these benefits one by one below.

  • Robust Warranty: Your wall mounted vanity units will be covered by our extensive warranty policy.
  • Quick Delivery: We will deliver your vanity units and other bathroom renovation supplies through Express Shipping.
  • Extended Support: Our highly trained customer service team will troubleshoot your vanity unit issues.
  • Online Catalogue: Instead of visiting our showroom, you can directly place your order on our website. And don’t worry, every transaction on our website is secured.

At Total Home Design, you can get all kinds of bathroom vanity units. If you have any confusion about what kind of vanity will suit your bathroom space without cluttering the space, you can contact our experts. We will help you with everything from weighing up the pros and cons of different bathroom vanity units, through to installing it.

Place your order for wall mounted vanity units at Total Home Design. Call us on our number or make a purchase directly off our website.

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