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Freestanding Baths in Sydney

Choosing the right type of bathtub is very important as it affects the look as well space of your bathroom. It is a must to research and find out whether you want to opt for a built-in bathtub or a free-standing bath. An attractive and well-designed free-standing bath gives a modern and contemporary feel to your bathroom. It is flexible and can be placed anywhere. Total Home Design offers you some of the most classic and stylish options in freestanding baths that are sure to provide you with a luxurious feel and make a style statement. We help to make your bathroom stand out and give it a sophisticated look with our exceptionally beautiful and stylish free-standing baths. We are one of the leading suppliers of freestanding baths in Sydney.

Freestanding baths are suitable for vintage, conventional or modern bathroom. You can opt for a headrest too in order to relax and have a luxurious bathing experience. The slim rim, high depth, black and white finished free-standing baths are some of our most popular products. These freestanding baths are known for their opulence and classic style.

Total Home Design constantly upgrades itself and introduces the latest designs, patterns, shapes, colors in freestanding baths in Sydney. The attention to detail and endeavor to maintain the quality of our products makes us unique and most preferred home renovation supply shop in Sydney. All our products are reasonably priced and are sure to meet all your expectations. Connect with us now to place your order!

Still not convinced.

If you need more reasons to get your freestanding baths in Sydney from us, keep reading. We understand that as a potential buyer, you want us to cover every aspect of bathroom renovation before purchasing. It would be a pleasure to give you even more reasons to buy your next freestanding bath from Total Home Design.

Trust in Our Services: Having a name for your brand really helps you to attract new customers. Over the last 15 years, Total Home Design has consistently delivered all kinds of bathroom renovation supplies including freestanding baths in Sydney. With such devotion towards excellence, we have managed to build a quite robust reputation in the city. You can come by and visit Total Home Design – the most trusted bathroom renovation shop in Sydney.   

Complete Assistance: Not every bathroom shop can match the customer assistance that we offer. Our friendly staff members will make sure that you get every detail of our bathroom renovation products. While talking with them, you will feel like you are talking with an expert in this industry. That’s because they certainly are. You can fire any questions at them, and they will answer those questions without any difficulty. That’s the upside of visiting a complete bathroom renovation shop and we certainly are one.

Lightning-fast delivery: Unlike other bathroom renovation shops, we will supply freestanding baths in Sydney in an instant. This is also one of the reasons why people in this city have placed their trust in our services. We have always delivered every consignment of bathroom renovation supplies well before the stipulated deadline.

Impressive Warranty: Another reason for you to purchase freestanding baths in Sydney from us is our extensive warranty. Every product’s value increases tenfold if it has a warrant period labelled behind it. Total Home Design knows the gravity of providing warranty against our bathroom renovation supplies in Sydney. Therefore, we give up to 15 years of warranty for our products. To know more, call us right now. 

Apart from the reasons given above, we also provide the most comprehensive customer service to you. Our brilliant technical support will resolve every issue of yours. So, visit us at Total Home Design to purchase the finest and most budget friendly freestanding baths in Sydney.   


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