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Reputed Laundry Renovations Contractor in Sydney

The laundry is often the most used and yet most neglected room in the house. When it comes to design and functionality, it is often a totally disregarded area of the house. On the other hand, we frequently renovate our bathrooms and kitchens with newer appliances and accessories. Even the laundry room in your house needs regular renovation and remodelling. Total Home Design is the best place for laundry renovations in Sydney.

Why Choose Us?

Laundry renovation can become complicated if not done with proper planning and execution. There are many renovation shops in the city. But only a handful of these shops can fulfil your requirements. One such place is Total Home Design, which has been leading the way in this industry for the last 15 years. So, you have come to the right place. Let’s see some of the benefits associated

Our Laundry Renovation Services

Total Home Design is your one stop shop for laundry renovations in Sydney. We have delivered the following renovation supplies to many households in the city.

You can also check out varieties in these supplies in our showroom or our online catalogue.

Elegant Designs

On top of quality, everyone wants a sleek design for their laundry renovation as well. It’s always good to add something to your laundry room’s decor. And with Total Home Design, you can do that. Not only do you get premium laundry renovation supplies but get stylish design as well.

Total Home Design aims to make it functional but also attractive to look at. With our laundry renovations in Sydney, you can have the laundry room designed and planned in a way to improve the aesthetics and storage space. We can add a floor to ceiling cupboard for storing washing products and clothes or put laundry cabinets with benchtops for a little extra space.

Custom Design

We have been paid a visit by many customers who wanted to renovate their laundry as per their own ideas. In such cases, we can’t really do much other than to respect their wishes. And lately, more and more people want a custom laundry renovation.

Total Home Design has experts in laundry renovations in Sydney. We can transform your old laundry room into something practical and modern. If you have something specific in mind for your laundry room, you can tell us. Our design team will design the room accordingly. After you are satisfied with the possible outcome, we arrange for the required materials with great care and then proceed with laundry renovations in Sydney.

Attention to Detail

Every renovation whether it may be of kitchen, bathroom or laundry must be done with caution. One misstep from the handyman or plumber and your renovation plan would collapse. To avoid such scenarios, we have extensively trained our workers. Moreover, they have plenty of experience in all sorts of renovations. Thus, Total Home Design is the perfect place for laundry renovations in Sydney.

Our team ceaselessly works on the project until it is done perfectly. They have completed many challenging laundry renovations in the past. You can rest assured that our workers will finish the renovation of your laundry without any problems.

And we like to keep it under your budget. Total Home Design understands your needs and desires well and we always work towards fulfilling them within an affordable budget and convenient time schedule. Your satisfaction and happiness is our ultimate goal.

So, visit us at Total Home Design showroom in Sydney. Or just contact us through our website to place your order today.

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