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Heated Towel Rails

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Heated Towel Rails and Rack in Sydney

Are you still using the standard towel rail in your bathroom while your neighbours are using heated towel rails? You are missing out on a lot! Nowadays, people are renovating their bathrooms with stylish and incredibly useful heated towel rails in Sydney. So why can’t you renovate your bathroom with heated towel rails? You most certainly can.

Benefits of Heated Towel Rails

Like everyone else, you should know the benefits associated with having a heated towel rail in your bathroom. There are lots of long-written articles on this topic on the internet. However, we have over-simplified these benefits below.

Add more value to your bathroom with a heated towel rail. This towel rail provides you with a toasty towel after your bath or shower. The heated towel rail helps you to keep your bathroom cosy and warm. The heated towel rail is one of the best space saving alternatives when it comes to racks and rails in the bathroom.

Total Home designs brings you some of the best-heated towel rails and racks in Sydney which will suit either a traditional or contemporary bathroom. The heated towel rails are sure to enhance your bathing experience by gently warming your linen and providing you with extra comfort.

Heat other Clothes as well!

Although, drying your towel is the primary function of any heated towel rail but you can use it for other things as well. Not only can you dry your dampen towels but can also dry other clothes on the heated towel rack. This comes very handy as often there are many clothes which are to be dried quickly. But you don’t have the resources to do so. With a heated towel rail, you can do so.

Heat Your Entire Bathroom

Similarly, you can also heat your entire bathroom using the installed heated towel rack in your bathroom. We know it sounds pretty cheeky but that’s what you get with this product. Although, if you have a large bathroom, this may not work. But in case if you have a medium sized bathroom, then you can heat it using a heated towel rail. What’s more? You can save a lot as you don’t have to use a space heater in your bathroom.

Long Lasting Product

Total Home Design brings you an exclusive range of heated towel racks in Sydney made from corrosion resistant high-quality materials. The heated towel racks are sure to last long and give your bathroom a stylish look and feel. It is one of the most low-key addition to your bathroom combined with great functionality. The bathroom rails and racks at Total Home Design are available in many designs and shapes – all at the most competitive prices. Heated towel rails in Sydney are very much popular due to their space saving characteristic and easy to install nature. You can opt for a straight or curved heated towel rail as per the style and concept of your bathroom.

Total Home Design believes in providing top quality heated towel rails and racks in Sydney to ensure the complete satisfaction of its esteemed clients and patrons. We offer you some of the best bathroom supplies online, find the optimum quality bathroom supplies at an unbelievable price only at Total Home Design. Buy Now!

Why Our Services Are the Best

We have given you ample reasons to place an order at Total Home Design. Still, as the leading bathroom renovation shop in Sydney, we are obliged to give you some more.

  • Professionalism & Expertise: With more than 15 years of experience, we show the highest levels of professionalism with our customers. Moreover, our highly skilled designers and staff members are experts in what they do.
  • Fast Delivery: Due to our commitment towards you, we deliver your products at your doorstep well before the deadline. With this, you never have to complain about late deliveries. Remember, time is of the essence for you and Total Home Design.
  • Warranty & Technical Support: We offer up to 15 years of warranty on several products to our customers. Furthermore, our knowledgeable technical support team will always step in whenever there’s an issue.

So next time you think of the best heated towel rails in Sydney, make sure to visit Total Home Design showroom.

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