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Toilets in Sydney | Toilets and Bidets

Toilets are one of the most significant fixtures in any households across Australia. Everyone in our families uses the toilet on a regular basis. So, it’s safe to say that having a clean and highly functional toilet is essential for our lives. However, buying a new toilet is a very tricky task. You must carefully assess various aspects before you purchase toilets in Sydney such as –

  • Size: Firstly, the size of the toilet bowl is crucial. If you do not select the appropriate bowl size then later, you may face issues regarding space in your bathroom.
  • Design: Nowadays, you get the option to select well-designed toilets for your bathrooms. This is important as your toilet should perfectly blend in with the rest of the decor in your bathroom.
  • Flushing Mechanism: There are various types of flushing mechanisms available for toilets in Sydney. You should only select the one which best suits your needs.
  • Price: Every bathroom renovation shop will sell toilets at different rates. Keeping this in mind, you should always consider the cost of a new toilet before you finalize the deal.

If you are planning to buy a new toilet but don’t know where to begin. You must come to the right place. Total Home Design is your complete bathroom renovation destination in Sydney. We have delivered best-in-class bathroom renovation supplies in this city for the last 15 years. Therefore, if you are indeed looking for the best toilets in Sydney, then visit us at Total Home Design. You can read why we are the best place for your total bathroom renovation in Sydney below.

Massive Options to Choose From

Total Home Design has the largest range of designer toilets in Sydney. We focus not only on the quality and functionality of our products, but utmost importance is given to the look and aesthetic elements also. Our range of toilets includes back to wall toilet, P trap toilet suite, wall faced pan, wall hung pan, bidet and much more. We also have toilets for back inlets and bottom inlets. Our range of toilets in our Sydney showroom is suitable for almost any kind of bathroom layout and plumbing systems. We also have a variety of options when it comes to flush plates. You can opt for chrome finished flush plates which are classic and stylish too.

Safety & Quality Assurance

All our toilet suites in Sydney are compliant with all relevant Australian Standards and requirements. They are made from the finest quality materials. Total Home Design believes efficiency and comfort are very important and therefore we strive to bring products that are attractive and efficient as well. You will find the best choice according to your budget as our stunning range of toilets in Sydney is very affordable. Total Home Design is one of the leading suppliers of exceptional quality toilet suites, flush plates and bidets in Sydney. Get in touch with us now to get the finest quality cisterns, pans and suites.

In today’s competitive world, it’s not enough for a company to just provide good products to their customers. Along with premium products they also must provide top class services such as technical support, quick delivery, etc. to their customers. Total Home Design has developed the following services.

Lightning-fast delivery: Not only do we sell the best toilets in Sydney, but we also deliver them very quickly. Our bathroom renovation supplies are delivered using Express Shipping. Therefore, you can expect the delivery of your toilet within a few days after your order is confirmed.

Expert Technical Support: Our highly trained team has years of experience in resolving every type of issue regarding bathroom renovation products. In case you have any issues related to your newly purchased toilet, you can contact them immediately. We will try to resolve your issue without any delay.

Warranty: Only the best companies provide warranty with their products. At Total Home Design, you will find a warranty period for every product in our catalogue including toilets. Read our terms and conditions on the website to know more about our warranty policy.

Due to such compelling services, we have garnered a huge reputation in the city. You can also place your order for the finest toilets in Sydney at Total Home Design today.

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