Buy Kitchen Taps Online in Sydney

Taps are a central feature of any kitchen and their design affects the look of the whole kitchen as well as its function. There are many kinds of kitchen taps in Sydney, you must know which one will be suitable for your kitchen. At Total Home Design, you will find all kinds of kitchen taps.

There are single level mixer kitchen taps in Sydney that comes with a single faucet and valve and with either one or two mounting points. Then there are Monobloc taps that have two valves but one faucet and mounting point. The bridge mixer has a single faucet but two halves and two mounting points. These both are good for cold and hot water streams. So are the deck mounted kitchen taps in Sydney that comes with a single faucet but three mounting points and two valves.

Pillar taps have two different taps with their own faucet, valves and mounting points. They always come in pairs. This makes it easy for you to remember which tap has hot water and which one has cold water. There are kitchen taps in Sydney with a spray that is good for washing fruits and vegetables. With so many options, you might get confused about which one will work best for you. In that case, ask us for assistance. Our experts will help in every way they can.