Buy Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Units Online

Sprucing up your bathroom by adding new vanity units is a great way of adding a little beauty and space to the bathroom without making any drastic changes. Our vanities come in different types, including our most popular choice - wall mounted vanity units. Total Home Design has a wide array of freestanding vanities. These have a very generous space for storing your items and hiding the clutter. They are aesthetical and are in huge demand, therefore.

Wall mounted vanity units are small and hence come in very handy. However, they are less durable and vulnerable to even a mild force or thrust. We also proudly supply a vessel sink and vanity. These are a stylish alternative to the traditional wall mounted vanity units. They are a bit more expensive and occupy a lot of space. And you can’t use them in the bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. At Total Home Design, you can also get the other types of wall hung vanity units. These are as popular as the wall mounted vanity units or freestanding vanities.

At Total Home Design, you can get all kinds of bathroom vanity units. If you have any confusion about what kind of vanity will suit your bathroom space without cluttering the space, you can contact our experts. We will help you with everything from weighing up the pros and cons of different bathroom vanity units, through to installing it.