Buy Good Quality Laundry Tubs In Sydney

Laundry tubs are like the deep kitchen sinks that are meant for soaking clothes and washing them. The laundry tub with a cabinet hides all the plumbing that is needed for the laundry tubs. Many laundry tubs in Sydney are also installed in the garage and gardens for various purposes.

If you are looking for top grade laundry tubs in Sydney, you can contact Total Home Design. We have reasonably priced laundry tubs and a wide variety of them. We not only provide high-quality laundry tubs in Sydney but also other laundry products and fixtures. Along with that, we also offer easy installation, easy maintenance and modern designs.

There are freestanding tubs that take up a lot of space and they will need additional plumbing. We also have wall mounted tubs that need wall support but are not that expensive. We have wall mounted laundry tubs in Sydney made of stainless steel and fiberglass. You can also buy apron tubs from us, both single and double basins. They come in granite, cast iron, porcelain and stainless steel.

Total Home Design can also custom mould the tubs into countertops using marble, fiberglass and granite. However, if the sink gets damaged, you will have to get the entire countertop replaced. Or you can ask us for self-rimming tubs.

Whatever you need, we have them for you. Total Home Design is the place you can rely on to get the best laundry tubs in Sydney. With our wide array of products, you can pick the ones that meet your needs.