Buy Custom Designed Laundry Tap In Sydney

Taps are a statement for your house, be it the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. You can’t just put any tap in the laundry. The laundry tap must be flexible enough to be used for various purposes. It should fit in the hose of your machine. Also, you should be able to use it normally for soaking and hand washing delicate clothes.

Laundry taps are used almost every day for long hours; hence it is important that they don’t rust or leak easily. Total Home Design offers you a wide array of selection of laundry taps ranging from plastic to stainless steel. If you already have a tap and you are not willing to change it, we also provide tap extensions and attachments for different uses in the laundry room.

People usually don’t pay much attention to the laundry taps, but they are a vital part of the house. Ignoring them might cause leaks in the laundry room, damaging things in there which can also continue to cause foundation damage. We not only provide a wide variety of laundry taps but also help you in maintaining them.

Total Home Design is the best supplier of the taps of all kinds, be it laundry, kitchen or bathroom. Don’t let your laundry be the neglected area of your house anymore.