Designer Bathroon Vanities, Vanity Units & Mirrors , Sydney

Bathroom vanity units are a good way of creating a perfect look and additional space in the bathroom. At Total Home Design, you can get an exhaustive range of bathroom vanities in Sydney. Whether you want a modern design or the traditional style, we have the vanities of all kinds. If you can’t find exactly what you need, we can also customize them for you.

We provide a wide variety of vanities in Sydney. We have wall hung bathroom vanity mirrors which are perfect for a small and compact bathroom. They come in distinct styles and designs. With us, you can choose the bathroom vanities in our Sydney showroom that best complements your bathroom.

You may be interested in freestanding vanities in Sydney. They not only provide storage but also hides the clutter. These are smart and one of the modern and stylish bathroom vanity units’ range. If you are looking for child-friendly designer vanities in Sydney, a semi-recessed freestanding vanity is a good option. It slightly overhangs the counter and comes with a moulded top.

Total Home Design also has a range of shaving vanities with a single door and three door poly frames. These vanities keep your bathroom clean and we have a range varying from conventional to graceful and minimalistic designs.

Bathroom vanities in Sydney come in varieties and at Total Home Design, you can pick the one that not only suits your needs but also complements your bathroom. We have everything you need for your vanity in our Sydney showroom, all under one roof.